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Avatar Black Sun SeigeAvatar Fortress Fight
Avatar Amulet Quest. The Four StonesAvatar Tree Too Trouble Game
Avater Fortress Fight 2Avatar Master Of Elements
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Avatar Amulet Quest. The Four Stones Avatar Amulet Quest. The Four Stones
Guide Aang to recover the missing pieces of the four amulets of power. Use the cursor keys and space bar to play this game.
Avatar Aang oN Avatar Aang oN
Aang needs your help in bending. Pick your bending test.
Avatar Ashes In The Air Avatar Ashes In The Air
Zuko and his minious have the city on fire. You have to help Aang and his friends to put out the fire before its turns to ashes in the air.
Avatar Trails of Serpents Pass Avatar Trails of Serpents Pass
Help Toph and her friends reach the the other side of the dreaded serpents pass.
Avatar Fire Nation Barrage Avatar Fire Nation Barrage
Help Prince Zuko conquer Earth and Water tribes.
Avatar Arena Avatar Arena
Challenge the world's best benders. Choose you nation and create your own character.
Avater Fortress Fight 2 Avater Fortress Fight 2
Destroy your opponents fortress before they destroy yours.
Avatar Bending Battle Avatar Bending Battle
Airbender, you have to defend Prince Zuko to win the game. Good Luck.
Avatar Black Sun Seige Avatar Black Sun Seige
Attack the enemy piece.
Avatar Elemental Escape Avatar Elemental Escape
Aang, Katara and Toph have been taken prisoner.Use the keyboard arrow keys and try to escape from the ship by firing at the guards.
Avatar Tree Too Trouble Game Avatar Tree Too Trouble Game
Sooka is in a race against time to save his village. He has to jump on tree tops to warn The villages.
Avatar Know Your Nemesis Avatar Know Your Nemesis
Match the hero in your cannon to the villain in the corner.
Avatar Master Of Elements Avatar Master Of Elements
Young Aang has finally woken up and has realized that the world is desperately in need of an avatar.The fate of the world depends on his final victory.
Avatar 4 Nations Tournament Avatar 4 Nations Tournament
Four Avatar Nations are competing in a ball bending game. You have to shoot the ball off the opponents goal.Once the ball is thrown the player have to bounce it.each nation has its unique skills.
Avatar Fortress Fight Avatar Fortress Fight
Destroy your opponents fortress before they destroy yours.
Avatar Word Search Avatar Word Search
Perfect your word bending skills with this games.Prove to your friends that you are a pro at all things avatar.

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